Everyone desires to reduce stress and pain, relax, breathe deeply, and meditate in order to rejuvenate, feel vigorous and healthy. CogniSpine offers the simplest and easiest way to achieve these goals, providing you with 24/7 support for your overall well-being.

A holistic physiological, emotional and biomechanical self-care approach respecting our brain-body simultaneous operation, a framework that combines the best of modern science and ancient wisdom. It helps us better acknowledge and understand our bodies and take care of them.

With CogniSpine, we learn to identify, address and improve physical, mental, and emotional imbalances and self-act to restore our natural equilibrium.

This changes everything

The Issue

Today’s lifestyle – often stressful, largely sedentary and increasingly digital – accelerates the spine’s natural degeneration and steers the nervous system towards its sympathetic (flight or fight) state.

As a result we can suffer from misaligned vertebrae, impaired neural connections to all body systems and physical, mental and emotional pain.

Responding to our life style pains, stresses, reducing damage accumulation and improving our brain-body functions is essential.

CogniSpine is the solution

Physical, Mental, Emotional Regeneration Simultaneously, Effortlessly, Naturally

The CogniSpine is an innovative solution that encourages optimum conditions for the body's innate wisdom to flow.

Our bio-mechanically engineered, patented approach works on a multi-dimensional level that allows the body and brain to come into balance - supporting their own 'cognitive' abilities to know what is happening and what to do.


Our approach

No force, no external input, no second opinion, just your body's innate ability to support your well-being

A new dawn in wellness

Working on a multi-dimensional level for better brain-body communication
Re-framing health at a conscious and subconscious level
Bio-mechanically engineered to decompress the spine and balance the nervous system
Wellness : Innovation : Technology : Self-care

The Experience

Let go, feel the release, let the brain do its job, let your body heal

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Putting trust in natural health

CogniSpine in today's lifestyle is the integrated solution for improving our body functions by responding to pain, reducing emotional stress, and reducing damage accumulation









Spine Health

Your spine is the seat of your innate intelligence. It’s the communication channel between your brain and body systems and so it plays a pivotal role in your overall health. Decompression of your spine, in prone position on the CogniSpine, is key to enhance communication via your nervous system.

Life Expectancy vs. Healthy Life Expectancy

“The longevity science is clear: you are the coder of your own genes and the right wellness habits mean an unprecedented future of long, healthy lives”

Global Wellness Summit, 2021

In the great shift towards self-responsibility for our health and well-being, CogniSpine plays a vital role