Clinics and CogniSpine Mindful Care

  • The clinics need to establish their own Mindful-Care’s content based upon
    the following:
  • Client level of understanding
  • Care givers level of understanding, attitudes, knowledge, care giver language
  • Localization / culture wise
  • Its own standard care language that is used with clients
  • Care provided
  • Liability and commitment to clients – CogniSpine is a comfort self-care product – holistic and not a medical device for a particular symptom. 

Mindful-Care content structure

  • Explain what the problem is? How a modern life style negatively affects our body, for example accumulation of spinal damage due to prolonged sitting, bulging and herniated disks, the negative effect on our nervous system and it
  • symptoms in terms of nonspecific or chronic back pains.
  • What can and should be done on a daily basis – for example spinal decompression.
  • The need to be aware of preliminary signs, typical to the customer’s life style, to have mindful attention, to respond, to prevent and reduce further damage accumulation, to improve.
  • The solution – why CogniSpine is a good solution, what are the benefits? The significance of 24/7 availability at home.
  • Explain that it is natural, no force being implemented, no need for external intervention unless there are special circumstances that need consultation with your physician / care giver (pls. see disclaimer)
  • The plan – learn, be aware, act – enjoy 24/7 availability and daily self-care.