Self-care & Longevity for professionals

Elaborated enrichment for professional care givers

CogniSpine is the missing link for a holistic approach to self-care that enables professional care givers to enhance their patients’ natural healing processes for better, healthy life expectancy and longevity.

Cognispine, a new innovative evidence-based approach to self-care is a game changer for longevity from within, healthy rejuvenation & natural health, feeling and looking good, the inside out approach:

  • Better brain-body communication and neuroplasticity
  • Spinal decompression and movement/mobility
  • Vagus nerve stimulation
  • Meditating, being mindful
  • Feeling good, relaxing, de-stressing, energizing and vitality 

Being healthy while living a modern lifestyle requires a multilevel approach to body activation.

Modern medicine and alternative care are essential for responding and dealing with symptoms, crises, or even life and death issues. CogniSpine adds self-care as an initial response, relying on our body’s natural healing capabilities to support recovery and rehabilitation.

The CogniSpine innovative approach and product for natural self-care is based on natural activation and stimulation of:

CogniSpine’s simultaneous effect on systems, processes, organs, mind

CogniSpine natural Vagal nerve stimulation and Long Covid Symptoms

One of the significant biomarkers that indicates Vagal nerve activity is HRV (Heart Rate Variability). In CogniSpine clinical research it was shown that during the use of the 3D CogniSpine surface, an increased HRV was measured that correlates with the increase in the Vagus nerve activity.

Detailed below are the three main Long Covid indicators and their related symptoms. In this sample of research there are assessments of the vagal nerve stimulation effect, as a suggested way for additional Covid treatment.

Additional CogniSpine effects on breathing

Natural Vagal nerve stimulation is one of the Self-Care attributes of CogniSpine that support improved breathing.

CogniSpine supports breathing improvement by the following unique features:

CogniSpine, achieving mindful meditation is easy, just use it.

CogniSpine is a unique effortless way to meditate and be mindful, getting into and staying in a physical meditative state, effortlessly.

There are differences between users’ physical and emotional experiences, and physical and emotional state while using CogniSpine. They vary from relaxing, calming down, a floating or hovering sensation, and feeling the peaceful transition from being awake to falling asleep, being mindful with better concentration, focus and creativity.

CogniSpine users who are experienced in a routine practice of meditation, easily recognize the meditative state and are excited about being in this state without the need to verify that they are actually in it, during meditation.

CogniSpine is changing the world of meditation for the experienced as well as beginners. For beginners, it significantly reduces the need to invest substantial resources of time and money in order to learn, practice and achieve a high capability of the meditative state.

The time cycle from the decision to start practicing effective meditation, and actually achieving it, is typically less than 5 minutes when using CogniSpine. You can start your meditation whenever you want and enter this mindful state immediately. It is an instant experience of what and how physical meditation feels, where usually it takes years of efforts and resources to practice and have the desired confidence that the proper process is actually occurring while meditating.

How does CogniSpine effect the brain-body in favor of achieving the meditative state?

Using CogniSpine creates unique conditions in the brain and body systems, organs and processes that operate simultaneously and in coherence. Starting with better posture alignment towards symmetry, reduced gravity effects as opposed to standing or sitting, spinal decompression and stimulation, diaphragm breathing, increased oxygen saturation, energy and information flow, better central nerve system balance, reducing sympathetic and increasing para-sympathetic activity, natural Vagal nerve stimulation followed by HRV (Heart Rate Variability) increase, Reduced sensory nerve activity, vision and balance system activities (the vestibular system) and slightly increasing intestine peristaltic movement.

All of the above enables better brain-body mutual cognition and para-sympathetic activity for improved rejuvenation and a natural healing process.

Science based benefits

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