Natural health, the pillars of successful self-care

CogniSpine’s five supports for natural health

  1. Better brain-body communication and neuroplasticity
  2. Spinal decompression
  3. Vagus nerve stimulation
  4. Meditating, being mindful
  5. Feeling good, relaxing, de-stressing, energizing

CogniSpine 24/7 available as a response, prevention and improvement

CoginSpine the new innovative evidence-based approach for self-care

Feeling good and looking good, the inside out approach.

Being healthy while living a modern life-style requires a multilevel approach to body activation.

Modern medicine and alternative care are essential for responding and dealing with symptoms, crises, or even life and death issues. But all rely on our natural body-healing capabilities in support of recovery and rehabilitation.

More than ever before, there is a growing need for self-care, taking responsibility to simultaneously respond, prevent and improve (RPI) naturally.

  • Responding to physical and/or emotional stresses
  • Prevent / reduce accumulation of damage
  • Improve brain-body systems, processes, organs and mind (SPOM) functions

CogniSpine innovative approach and product for natural self-care

Based on natural activation and stimulation of: 

CogniSpine simultaneous effect on SPOM