The benefits

The CogniSpine is an innovative approach to self-care and wellbeing through support of the spine and inter-related body systems. It works on a multi-dimensional level that encourages natural health to flow.


Your spine is the seat of your innate intelligence. It’s the communication channel between your brain and body systems.

When you decompress your spine, in prone position (see warning below) on the CogniSpine, you enhance communication between your brain and all your body systems via your nervous system.


Offloading pressure and stress from the spine, the spinal cord and from the many nerve branches that spread out from between the vertebrae to different body organs, leads to quick relief of pain, which is perceived in the brain.


As you lie in prone position on the CogniSpine your head and neck are aligned in bilateral symmetry, your shoulders widening (anti-slouching) to enable a natural diaphragm breathing for a better lung function.

As your body relaxes in prone position while using CogniSpine, you naturally revert to a calm and efficient diaphragmatic breathing through the nose.

The back side of the lungs is free of pressures which improves the exchange of gases in favor of oxygen saturation and the release of CO2. With long term use your breathing system capabilities and lung capacity improve naturally, as well as the energy production on the cellular level (‘Cells Breathing’).


Your peristaltic movement improves due to very gentle pressure thanks to lying in Prone Position and a slight increase in temperature in the gut.

This also happens due to specific pads of a firmer memory foam that are positioned close to the ileocecal valve and stomach.


After a day of sitting, standing and moving, you fall into a more relaxed state on the CogniSpine as the stress on your nerves automatically reduces. Some people fall asleep on it for hours.

As your brain-body experience and response to it improves with long term use of the CogniSpine, so does your emotional and physiological state. As a result, you enjoy more restorative sleep.


When you lie on the CogniSpine in the prone position, you effortlessly enter a meditative state.

With long term use you notice how you become more aware of your emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.


As your nervous system calms down while lying on the CogniSpine, so your ability to concentrate, learn and remember naturally increases.

With long term use of CogniSpine, the reduction in physical and emotional stress, thanks to offloading pressure from the nervous system, and an increased and balanced flow of oxygen, boosts overall cognitive functioning.


Your energy levels rises with increased saturation of oxygen, with natural diaphragmatic breathing and the reduction of pressure from your spine and nervous system.

With long term use, better brain-body communication improves the functioning of your interrelated body systems.

Moreover, a better energy production on a cellular level may take place, and hence the vitality level rise naturally.

Benefits in Scientific Literature

Prone Position

[1] Therapeutic benefits of proning to improve pulmonary gas exchange in severe respiratory failure: focus on fundamentals of physiology.

See also [7] bellow

Consult your doctor regarding any of the following and or similar and or related conditions:

Complications associated with prone position include:

  • Increased abdominal pressure
  • Increased bleeding
  • Compartment syndrome
  • Nerve injuries
  • Cardiovascular compromise
  • Ocular injuries
  • Venous air embolism

Diaphragm breathing

[4] Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercises & Benefits

See also [9] and [14] bellow