CogniSpine Mindful-Care

While the importance of self-care is something that we all naturally understand, we may feel clueless and somewhat ignorant with regard to comprehending our brain, body and mind, in terms of their natural function and capabilities, and revealing how we may positively influence what we can do for healthy functionality.

This possible gap of knowledge and awareness of what care is, may lead to reduced attention to our bodily state and lack of motivation to act, preferring a “Firefighting” response only and shifting responsibility to external resources.

The CogniSpine integrated holistic approach, the supporting product and the multidisciplinary approach, are a good solution to introduce meaningful self-care that is based on knowledge. This provides a platform for what we define as Mindful-Care.

Mindful-Care is a key approach for self-care, which broadens both care-givers’ and clients’ scope of understanding of self-care and natural health, showing how to actively choose to undergo a process of natural healing and improvement.

Mindful-Care is a game changer adding value for both the clinics and customers, enabling an integrative approach and providing Mindful-Care that has the potential of leading patients to a new level of understanding and taking action.

We see Mindful-Care as the basis for enabling customers to take back control, be responsible and able to manage self-care for their natural health.

CogniSpine Mindful-Care is grounds for learning, educating, communicating, and creating effective awareness for self-care.

Mindful-Care can be a good basis for long term behavior change that encourages people to learn more and better understand the “big why”, thereby taking action for their natural health.

Learning Cognispine Mindful-Care

Mindful-Care learning is a series of guided learning sessions while using CogniSpine. These learning sessions aim to explain the benefits of using CogniSpine with respect to modern life style issues. This approach is based upon a product, multidisciplinary knowledge and evidence-based science.

Refer to Self Care & Longevity – where details of the supporting science are elaborated.

The main learning targets are understanding the following:

  • What are the CogniSpine attributes?
  • Why is it a multidisciplinary approach?
  • Why use it in modern life for responding, prevention and improvement and simultaneous activation?
    • Responding to disease, pain, emotional and physical stress, reduced energy and vitality, traumatic events.
    • Prevention by reducing damage accumulation and stresses
    • Improvement of spine mobility, brain-body communication and mutual cognition I.e. a better information flow in terms of the message timing and accurate content for better functioning, breathing, nasal breathing, resting, sleeping, meditation, peristaltic movement, posture
    • Physical simultaneous activation and stimulation of systems, processes, organs and mind.

Cognispine Mindful Care benefits that contribute to a healthy modern life style

  • Prone position for natural posture alignment, neck tilted forward, slouching shoulders, shallow breathing, reduced breathing cage capability and their vital contribution to the initiation of slow diaphragm breathing
  • Simultaneous natural Vagal nerve stimulation in coordination with spinal decompression and their effect on a better balance between the Para-Sympathetic and Sympathetic activity
  • Deep relaxation while closing eyes, nasal breathing, reduced proprioception and sympathetic activity – See the following reference: Self Care & Longevity
  • Spinal decompression and stimulation, reduced damage accumulation and stress due to prolonged sitting, improving spinal mobility, flexibility, reduced sympathetic activity
  • Posture alignment – to reduce damages and pain symptoms of tilted forward neck and shoulders slouching, insufficient energy and vitality, experiencing physical and emotional stress, feeling discomfort, or even pain.
  • Diaphragm breathing, noticing breathing issues, left with some long Covid symptoms. Experiencing shallow breathing, sinus congestion, it is time for practicing vital diaphragm breathing and nasal breathing which are both so important to our wellbeing and natural health.
  • Vagus nerve stimulation and HRV increase – the secret for healthy, active and enjoyable life is a functioning and active Vagus nerve. It is vital to allow yourself increased HRV for better Allostasis capacity and Homeostasis.
  • Natural Meditative state for our nervous system serves as “time out” for relaxation, rest and meditation to recover and rejuvenate physically and emotionally.
  • Improved peristaltic movement – feeling uncomfortable, having intestine and stomach issues, it’s always a good time to maintain and prevent physiological damages by encouraging better peristaltic movement, reducing negative effects due for example to prolonged sitting, it is time out for increased intestine peristaltic activation.
  • Improved brain body communication – feeling reduced cognitive capability, struggling to concentrate, learn, create at work, it’s time to “refresh your brain-body communication” for better function and to enjoy the rest of your day.
  • Gaining an improved sympathetic-para sympathetic balance and Allostasis processes leading for better Homeostasis.
  • Improved mindfulness of emotionally and physically stress, feeling and being aware of your unbalanced modern lifestyle.
  • Enhanced natural healing processes by all of the above mentioned that lead to vagal stimulation and increased HRV. ( )
  • Enhanced resting and sleeping capabilities – Natural deep resting and sleeping, that can lead to recharging with more energy and vitality
  • Natural ways to improve cognition, concentration, learning, and memory.
  • Pregnancy and after giving birth support of bodily hormonal and physical changes.


CogniSpine is a convenience product and not a medical product. It is not intended to be a medical treatment and therefore, if you suffer from a medical condition of any kind, it is required that you consult with your doctor before using this device.

We hereby clarify that the company will not be held responsible and will not cover any cost of direct or indirect damage caused to the user following use of CogniSpine. The representatives of the company offer no medical advice regarding the use of this product and therefore as may be that the user requires medical approval to use this product, it is the user’s sole responsibility to obtain this approval. Please note, use of the CogniSpine pallet may sometimes cause discomfort/ nausea/ slight dizziness.