Our approach

CogniSpine approaches the human body as a beautifully complex organism in which all systems are interdependent, working in synergy with each other to create the overall experience of our state of health.

Taking this as our founding principle, CogniSpine, the product, has been developed to simultaneously support the interrelated parts of the body in what we call ‘multi-system activation’.

Our team of development specialists has combined a professional understanding of chiropractic with the study of ancient healing traditions and theories of neuroscience to achieve our uniquely potent approach to natural healing.

What started as a solution intended to relieve back pain, turned out to be so much more

Why 'CogniSpine'

CogniSpine describes our innovative and multi-layered approach to natural healing. ‘Cogni’ refers to ‘cognition’, both our conscious ‘awareness’ of our health – mentally, physically, emotionally – and of our body’s innate ‘understanding’ that takes place beyond our conscious awareness.

This innate understanding relies on the interdependent relationship between the body, brain and nervous system that functions – in trilogy – via the channel of the spine.

Today’s lifestyle – often stressful, largely sedentary and increasingly digital – accelerates the spine’s natural degeneration and steers the nervous system towards its sympathetic (flight or fight) state.

As a result, we can suffer from muscular and skeletal dysfunction, impaired neural connections to all body systems and physical pain, mental and emotional stress.

A new dawn in self-care


Our story

CogniSpine is the third generation of an innovative technology that began development in 2006 in response to a dream – a dream to take the ‘magic’ of clinical chiropractic care into an at-home product, accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world.

It started in the curious imagination of Israeli entrepreneur Ronen Tuchfeld, when, in his chiropractor’s waiting room, he watched a pregnant woman, bent over with pain, enter the treatment room and come out pain-free.

So began a collaboration with Dr. Ronen Mendi, CD, combining theory and practice of chiropractic, neuroscience and physical application.

Today the CogniSpine holds three separate patents from 30 countries, proving that it is a unique evidence based (Abstract study 1) technology that’s taken on a life of its own.