Potential Applicability for Wellness Services

Implementation of self-care innovation aims to meet guests’ requirements and expectations in the post pandemic world and enhance the wellbeing of both guests and employees.

CogniSpine is an innovation that enhances and enables users to:

  • Respond to their life-style physical and emotional stresses
  • Prevent and reduce physical damages
  • Improve brain-body function and communication

See Who is it for? – CogniSpine for wellness providers

Implementation is a process of change

The introduction of self-care innovation is a demonstration of management commitment and involvement requiring staff awareness and involvement.

Provider's Self-Care Innovation Policy

  • Innovation implemented for the guests can be made available for employees’ use.
  • Demonstrating management responsibility and commitment to employees’ well-being, by enabling their use of the self-care innovation.

Effective implementation may enable employees, experienced with CogniSpine, to speak with authority and take responsibility while presenting it.


CogniSpine can be relevant in the following spaces:

Hotel Rooms and Leisure Areas

  • Provide a tool to respond to travel stress, for relaxing, breathing, meditating, and setting up for a positive mindset and self-care.

Treatment center

  • CogniSpine is a new approach to treatments
  • CogniSpine is a product and approach for self-care that can effectively be implemented in treatment centers before, after and during treatment.
    see Self Care Pillars


  • Pretreatment simultaneous activation of body systems, organs, and processes
  • Physical and emotional stress relief
  • Improved brain-body communication for further natural healing processes

Post treatment

Resting and relaxing for further enhancement of the natural healing processes


Going beyond guests’ experiences and expectations with special self-care education in which CogniSpine is a new language that refers to self-care and natural healing. It enhances your guests’ experience at many places of contact of their wellness stay.

Here’s how you can use CogniSpine in your facility:

CogniSpine 24/7 availability and easiness of use is an opportunity for self-care time outs and natural healing.

It is a new evidence based practical innovative holistic approach and product, that was developed based upon the body’s natural maintenance and healing capabilities.

It contains a whole new ground-breaking concept, practices, and self-care treatments in the following areas:

  • Immediate and effortless transition to meditative state
  • Spinal decompression
  • Posture alignment
  • Diaphragm breathing
  • Vagus nerve stimulation and HRV increase
  • Improved peristaltic movement
  • Improved brain body communications
  • Improved sympathetic-para sympathetic balance and Allostasis processes leading
  • to Homeostasis.
  • Enhanced natural healing processes
  • Enhanced resting and sleeping capabilities
  • Naturally, leads to more energy and vitality
  • Natural ways to improve cognition, concentration, learning, and memory